2014 Reddot Winner


CA 1607 (12)

Cemer became the winner company of Reddot design awards. Climbing modules are designed to prevent obesity from our children’s life and these modules brought us the leadership of the design world.

Cemer Urban Equipment from Yazibasi, Izmir competed with almost 53 countries and 4.815 projects and became the first ‘Turkish’ company who won this competition.

Cemer has been awarded as 2014 reddot winner in ’urban equipment’ category and this competition consists of thousands products from different categories such as electronics, furniture, urban equipment, sports equipment etc.

Cemer registered his name first time in the history as the best ‘Turkish’ company who won Reddot awards. Cemer’s design department had been also rewarded twice from two domestic competitions since 1994 as well.

Award Ceremony will be held on 7th July 2014

The best designed product, produced in a single mould by combining the polyethylene parts with the unique climbing structure.

The unique climbing product appears as a pyramid from outside and also offers climbing areas and transition features as well.  The vital aim is to improve children’s problem solving, decision making and body coordination skills.

All children between the ages of 2 and 8 can easily play with this product. It attracts to the adult’s attention as well.

53 countries and 4815 projects participated this competition and the assessments have been made by the jury, whose names are; Gordon Bruce, Patrick Chia, Young Kil Cho, Prof. Martin Darbyshire, Prof. Lutz Fügener, Tapani Hyvönen, Prof. Cheng-Neng Kuan, Prof. Xiaobo Lu, Prof. Dr. Ken Nah, Nils Toft, Takashi Yamada, Kazuo Tanaka, Prof. Vesna Popovic, Rajesh Nandan, Prof. Danny Venlet, Prof. Stefan Diez, Prof. Masayo Ave, Vivian Wai-Kwan Cheng, Wolfgang K. Meyer-Hoyaz and Prof. Dr. Jure Miklavc.

Reddot award ceremony will be held on 7th July in Essen, Germany. Also ‘’Best of the Best’’ award will be given from all categories during the gala dinner.

Climbing Module

Mr. Fuat Eroğlu who is the general manager of Cemer said that we would like to take responsibility against obesity by creating these kind of relevant products. In addition; Our aim is the contribution to the children’s social life by providing them how to use their body skills, helping them to aware of their power and contributing them to develop their hand-foot coordination and mental skills.

In order to create a climbing module, modular playgrounds are designed and created from two main parts connected in different combinations such as side by side or superimposed.

Deltoik series are aimed to provide secure and confident climbing structures without giving children the possibility of free fall. On the other hand, the children will also be improving their quick decision making, problem solving and body strengthening skills as well.

Scientific researches show that Deltoik, the climbing module provides equal playing opportunity for boys and girls and at the same time it’s a game that allows you to spend time on the same module with the different age groups.

20 Years’ Experience

Cemer Urban Equipment was established in 1994 in Izmir, Turkey. The production area is approximately 20 thousand square meters. Cemer is the largest playground production company in Asia, Middle East and Balkans especially for the rotational moulding and playground equipment production.

Cemer still carry on production facilities without compromising the quality and holds the market leader position in the design and production sectors. Cemer Urban Equipment which has 60 percent market share in the sector retains the leader position by performing 45 percent growth each year.

Cemer Urban Equipment invests all their earnings to the same sector again and recently awarded one of the highest corporate income tax payer by the Chamber of Commerce, received the bronze medal in 2005, silver medal in 2006 and gold medal in 2007.

The company reaches to the global standards in production and also have Turkish Standards Institute Quality Certificate, European Standards Quality Certificate ISO 9001 Quality Management System ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and TUV certifications.







Source:Doğan Haber Ajansı,Milliyet


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