‘Orbits’ developed by award-winning Cemer’s designers, improve the mental functions.


Cemer’s industrial designers Ezgi Yelekoglu and Altug Toprak have gathered national and international awards with their creative and intelligent game solutions where the main aim is to develop children’s mental and social life.

Ms Yelekoglu and Mr Toprak also received another awards from three different institutions for their ‘mind developed game project’, one of them is received from IMMIB Industrial Design Competition in mind development category, another one is received from the A Design Awards in A Design category and the last one is received from the Best Innovative Idea Awards, organised by Young Businessman Association in Izmir.

Ms Ezgi Yelekoglu who is graduated from Industrial design department of IEU stated that I inspired from the trajectories of the planet during the process of development. Orbits aim to develop strategic thinking, 3D analyse, hand-eye coordination and logical, visual, physical intelligence.

She also mentioned that children will be improving their creative thinking, problem solving, decision making and social observation skills as 2d5207f20864234de844b5d275fd9229c0873932-t710well.

Each Game is a new experience

Ms Yelekoglu stated that each game offers different combinations and the game can be played with minimum two and maximum four players who might be 8 years and older. Ms Yelekoglu also explained that there are 128 springs in the game with four different colours and different sizes.

The coloured wheel determines the first person who will make the first move. And the first player needs to take the first action in the game, starting from one of the holes with its colour, the next player must insert their spring on top or under of the another spring which is placed by previous player. If the player touch to the any own colour or to the other player’s colour, then the turn passes to the next player.

Player must play from the first hole where inserted its first spring. If anyone finish their springs firstly or who has the less springs when the movement areas are totally completed, these people will be the winner of the game.

Recyclable Toys

Mr Altug Toprak who is graduated from Industrial design department of IEU stated that the main material of the spring is plastic and the second material used metal. And also mentioned that this game involves the user guide of the springs as well.

The body will be produced from polypropylene material. The reason why we choose this material is Its suitable for recycling and also the durability of this material is really well.

Because of high plastic deformation, springs comprises of steel braided wires consisting of 1 + 5 winding. And also braided wires are coated with the silicon materials according to safety requirements and metal flexibility. Packaging made from recycled materials provided mass production and also these materials are lowering the production costs as well.