The importance of play in child’s life


Play is a natural learning tool and indispensable way of life for the children. Games are also important for children to explore their life and their self-expression. The games can be described as a tool for them to reflect their thoughts and feelings. Playing also can built a test area for the children where they can have such experiments and consolidations.

Children can also get ready for real life experiments by playing as well. They try to explore the real life with their own senses by taking various roles during the game and prepare themselves for their future roles.

Everyone has a strong capacity for self-realization in a perfect way. This attitude can be described as an impulse of self-managing and maturation.  The game is the most suitable method for treatment of children who have difficulty in adaption to conditions of life.

It’s a process that creates self-expression field between the inner world and outer world of children. According to Fraud; the game will continue in adulthood as well but at a different image and creativity.

Freud focused on the relationship between artistic creation and games, in his book ‘Art and Artists’ which was the fundamental starting point of this idea.

Freud likens the first manifestation of the artistic activities with the childhood period. The games are the most serious events of our childhood. During the game the child gets the real world objects and places them in the game as he wants and also establishes an another world via this game. Children’s curiosity about the outside world increase if the answer received from their parents doesn’t satisfy them.

The children try to escape into the games if they cannot make sense of given answers. If it’s difficult to understand what the truth, then the solution is that built a new world. This imaginary world carries real world patterns.

The game simulates individuals and performs dissatisfied requests.  Everybody had played a game during his life.  What are the implications of game on child’s character and personality development?

The children show their relations and emotional feelings to the outside world with their speeches and behaviours. The game is the most effective way for children to explain their inner world as well. Children expose the feelings during the game such as anger between mother and father, jealousy and envy with his brother.

Children can also reflect their negative messages to playmates and toys. In this regard, the game is an important element for the recognition of child’s living atmosphere.

The stress of children, the conflicts, the fears and anxiety can be treated with a variety of the games.

Playing field can be a relief for recovery from the effects of troublesome events, experienced by the child.

These kind of administrated plays can be a useful therapy for psychological traumas. The games are also helpful for his own personalities and improve some positive features. In particular, the consolidation of correct behaviour can be achieved more easily through the games.

Many children develop their personality in a positive way, respect for others, recognize their responsibility, to be patient, to cope with stress and gain leadership abilities through the games.


Source:Gelişim ve Danışmanlık Merkezi