Parks make people happier.

‘The effects of city parks’ on human psychology became the doctoral dissertation subject. Burcu Ayan Sokur’s doctoral thesis ‘Life Satisfaction of Urban Parks’ has been accepted by 14th international Psychology congress and also decided to publish as a scientific article.



A lot of people who go to the parks are happier than those not going. Scientific studies in the international area reveal that parks have a significant impact on people’s happiness, especially on hormone secretion.

Landscape Architects Burcu Ayan Sonkur from Ankara university, Professor Dr Ilkden Tazebay and Doc Dr. Mithat Durak revealed that the parks make people happier.


Survey Executed:

The scope of work performed for the first time in Ankara, Turkey; Altınpark, Genclik park and Botanik park were assessed by psychologist and architects. The survey has been held for doctoral thesis over 420 people. The survey used the parks and assessments were compared who use the parks and on their happiness levels.

Parks and life satisfaction of individuals were investigated by the study examined the relationship between human psychology. That result appeared the people who use the parks have higher level of happiness than those not using.

55 Percent of them are Men

55 percent of park users surveyed are men and 44 percent of them were women. The age group 16-24 (40 percent) and 25-34 (30 percent) were found more intensive to use parks. 64 percent of park users were single and 50 percent of them were high school graduates. The study showed that a decrease of education level increased the use of parks.  16 percent of the park users go to the parks once a week while 35 percent of them just appeared twice a year.

Care ComplaintsIMG_1481

The question has been asked why people do not go to the parks more often. 63 percent of them stated there is no sufficient organization and activity involve at parks, 62 Percent of them stated it’s not clean and well maintained and 44 percent said they don’t go to the parks because of the lack of a safe space.

82 percent of people said natural beauty of parks attract to them, 75 percent of people prefer parks in order to rest their mind and 57 percent were found to spend time with their friends in various activities.

43 percent goes to the park with their friends and 27 percent of them goes with their family.  They roughly spend 1-3 hours.

10845677_567084103433883_1661418898563244600_oLandscape architect Burcu Ayan Sonkur’s doctoral thesis ‘Life satisfaction of urban park’ was accepted by 14th International Congress of Psychology held in Italy.

Burcu Sonkur and Mithat Durak made their presentation to three thousand psychologists, attended from all over the world. It was decided that acclaimed thesis to be published as a scientific article.

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