The Benefits of the Swings

Waggle with swings help your children’s balance development.

The children’s back and forth side movement on the swings stimulate the cerebral cortex of the brain functions. If your child has attention deficit, then it’s time to consider adding swing to your child’s daily routine.

Swings help to sensory integration. Sensory integration is the organization of information and the interpretation of them by the brain functions.

Sensory integration provides a foundation for more complex learning and behaviour that may be encountered in the future. If your child has an understanding problems, then you may consider adding swing to your child’s daily routine.

Swings are a kind of meditation for children. Swinging calms your children, it also soothes, if you have a hyperactive child, then you may consider adding a swing to your child’s daily routine.

Do not worry if you don’t have a garden. The swings can be easily installed to the ceiling or door frames. Swinging also helps to sleep. Studies show that the babies and the children are sleeping better if they swing regularly.

Swinging also helps your child to develop their perceptual skills.  It helps to improve gross motor skills (legs movements back and forth) and fine motor skills (coordination of arms, fingers and hands).100_2590

Swing is useful on physical and sensory aspect.

Physical benefits of Swing

Swing is one of the most popular playing equipment to prevent struggling obesity. Pushing and pulling the swings forward and backwards with legs develop leg muscles. Swing add strength to the hip and knee.

The emotional benefits of swing100_2521

Creativity of children increased during the swing. Children dream during the swing, they pretended to be who they wanted.  The children dream what they learned during the day and also reduce the stress level.

You can feel completely opposite 2 feelings during swinging, these are excitement and relaxation. The hyperactive child might feel very calm and lively during swinging as well.

The most obvious benefit of swinging is fun and excitement. The benefit of the children’s swing is too much and also very important as well. Moreover, it’s fun and has no side effects. The most affected sides by the swing is detection systems: vestibular and proprioception. These two systems are intertwined, so that we can easily perceive our environment and we act. These two senses are very important for us to make them.


Vestibular SystemIMG_9150

Vestibular system in the inner ear and lets us to know whether we move in which direction where we are going. The vestibular system is a sensory system that provides the largest contribution to the movement and balance activities.


Proprioception is the sense of the body that help us to know our body and this defined as body awareness.  Proprioception system, the muscles to give us information about body position and posture.

During the swing; the children learn how to learn and control moving objects. The movement inDSCN0240volves many different messages and allows children to interpret these messages.

Swinging is the component of the sensory integration treatment.

What is sensory integration?

Sensory experiences: touch, movement, body awareness, includes visual and audio as well.

For most children, they develop sensory integration during childhood activities. Such as the ability to adapt to incoming sensations and planning skills as well. İts a natural result. But, for some children; the sensory process might have some development issues as it should be.

If the process is uneven, then learning, development or behaviour problems may occur.IMG_4354

Doctors stated that its very important to provide some specific activities in order to ensure vestibular, tactile and proprioception stimulation. Disabled children do not receive this kind of warnings enough.

Sensory integration is very difficult for many autistic children and swinging helps to sensory integration. There are some classrooms in Europe where the wings are available for the autistic children.

Swing is the most beautiful gift you can give to your child for the development of sensory integration. Nowadays, there are some schools where the swings are restricted because of the fears!  But movement restrictions are seriously harming children’s life