Our social responsibility should involve Playgrounds.

Dr.Oğuz Özyaral who is the Founder of Istanbul Rumeli University said that The materials used in urban equipment and playgrounds should be considered under our social responsibility.

Dr.Özyaral stated that the urban equipment and playgrounds have a significant importance in today’s evolving, urbanizing and globalizing world. On the other hand, do the materials used in the CA 1607 (15)manufacturing process really appropriate with the public health?

Do we ask this question to ourselves, managers and producers?

Doc Dr. Özyaral also mentioned some other responsibilities in terms of public health and also what we need to pay attention for in the parks in order to have a pleasured moment. And also the choice of products has a vital impact for the public health issues as much as the stability.

Wood-Plastic composite products consists of 55 percent of dry wood. The remaining materials are the mixture of epoxy, phenolic, thermoplastic (PE-polyethylene, PP polypropylene, PVC-polivinilkarbo the PS-polystyrene)

The flat slides, tubes and spirals are used as an environment friendly products where they called ‘eco toys’ and prepared for the children in CA 1607 playground.

These group products should be designed and produced in terms of EN 1176 standards. Plastic products that do not adapt to the EN 1176 standard should not be included in the playground.

These parks should involve well-crafted natural products such as climbing stairs, commando rings, swings and bridges. All of the products must be from the natural materials especially wood, linenand rope kind of products.

There are two basic playground and equipment regulation standards for safety and security rules in the member of European Union Countries. One of them is EN 1176 which is for the playground materials and equipment.  Another one is the EN 1177 for the ground and set up regulations.

In our country, Turkish standards Institutes that combines two separate directives and stated as TS EN 1176. All playground products and flooring structure must be compatible to this way.