Barrier-Free games for disabled children.

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Cemer, dreams come true…

Dreams have become a reality with Cemer playgrounds for disabled children who can swings, play in the parks and enjoy the entertainment facilities.

Wheelchairs can wander from one end to another head and disabled children may also have fun and feels happy to have taken a place in the life by using the moving handrails instead of watching their friends.

Production is carried out in accordance with European standards.

Disabled children’s dreams are becoming reality and also they are becoming a part of the social life by playing and getting experience in the parks.

Disabled playground idea began with a request where a disabled school requested in Manisa.

Cemer urban equipment recognized the deficiencies in this area and pushed a significant effort on research and development department. Cemer have started playground production with this aim and created brand new playgrounds where disabled children would spend their time with friends and socialise in groups.

In the beginning, there wasn’t a big demand for these products and only six playgrounds have been ordered during three years. However, the demand level has increased significantly when children began to use these products and you could clearly see the great happiness of them from their eyes.