Shock-Absorbing Plastic



There is no need to use shock absorbers such as rubber materials for the polyethylene swing seats in order to prevent shocks against impacts.

Cemer Urban Equipment created a new innovative product in Turkey which is absorbing against impacts by itself. Cemer Urban Equipment carries research and development facilities since 1994 in order to prevent child injury and do original designs.

The swings are becoming an indispensable element in playground industry and taking a huge place in the parks with the new designs. On the other hand, Cemer received significant results of studies which are conducted to achieve higher and safer swing standards.

As everyone of us know that swing is a moving element. There have been using some other materials and additional products to reduce a possible swing collision with the other individuals.

However, Cemer’s research and development department created an innovative product which is absorbing itself without using any additional impact-absorbing material.

küçükler için ve sepet salıncak için- darbe sönümleyici salıncak koltuğuMr Akın Budakoglu who is the head of research and development department told us that the swing seat which is mitigating the shock impacts produced by the rotation technique are made without the need of additional absorbing material.

Swings are produced for children aged 0-3 or 5-12 years in domestic and International markets. These swings have LDPE/HDPE body and formed from a combination of polyurethane and rubber materials.

In order to be successful in swing tests related to the shock impact standards, the swings are subjected to the impact test in accordance with International and Industrial safety standards.

We imagined and created an innovative material which is very suitable for the rotational moulding and damping itself as well.

After a long period of continued research and development process with our raw material supplier regarding elasticity, the strength, softness, we finally achieved a product which is suitable in the core mass and also suitable for the rotational moulding as well.

We have succeeded in creating an additional in the impact surface by taking advantage of using the elasticity of children’s basket swing.

Both products have passed the required TS EN 1176 impact tests and also protected by Cemer, in domestic and International registration and patent institutes.

Infants and basket swings are designed and manufactured in order to improve comfortability and increase the safety of playgrounds without having to use extra damping parts.