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Cemer Urban Equipment, R&D and Rope Manufacturing Division Manager.

Today, child development studies, especially the psychologic researches prove that there is a significant relation between playgrounds and the child’s characteristic development.

Forebel says that a game is an expression of the highest human development in childhood.

Playing in a well-structured and designed playground is the best training program for conceptual development. It’s also important for the social and healthy environment.

Professor Sanderter from Queen Maud University ‘Norway’ published an article and stated that If you detain your child from attending any little risky play with ‘appropriate age groups’ then they might be facing with some observations such as behavioural and emotional disturbances.

Thinking 3D

3D Rope systems makes a significant contribution for the development skills, balance-muscle coordination and 3D dreaming skills as well.

Increasing the height and risk level are also affecting to the children’s subconscious which means, they learn how to take considered risks and how to become more careful.

Children might have some small traumas and also overcome of them as well.  These little traumas and overcomes will provide them a significant experience in order to deal with major traumas in the future.

Children’s playgrounds are also slightly varying according to their age group.

Most of the parks have a playing equipment for 1-3 age group and none of the remaining children (older than 4 years old) can play with them in a healthy manner.  That’s why older children may start to use these kind of playgrounds in a dangerous way and vandalism might be occur as well.

When we tried to raise our children in extreme protectionism; then, the children can face with such difficulties in order to adapt to the outside world in case we are not with them.

Our goal, which should never be forgotten is that cultivating self-reliant and healthy individuals that can cope with the outside challenges.




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