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We fly you very high

The zipline, where the users have very excited moments around the world’s amusement projects is now in Denizli.  Cemerline will be operated firstly in Manisa. It will be available very soon when the technical...


The Benefits of the Swings

Waggle with swings help your children’s balance development. The children’s back and forth side movement on the swings stimulate the cerebral cortex of the brain functions. If your child has attention deficit, then it’s...


Parks make people happier.

‘The effects of city parks’ on human psychology became the doctoral dissertation subject. Burcu Ayan Sokur’s doctoral thesis ‘Life Satisfaction of Urban Parks’ has been accepted by 14th international Psychology congress and also decided...


The importance of play in child’s life

Play is a natural learning tool and indispensable way of life for the children. Games are also important for children to explore their life and their self-expression. The games can be described as a...

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Rising as an Export star.

  Cemer Urban Equipment Ltd has been rewarded at ‘Export Stars’ award ceremony in ‘Creative Products’ category, held this year in 14th May. More than 500 companies have participated to this evaluation in 10...

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Denmark, Frame-Climbing

New Installations: Denmark SGM 1007 Frame-Climbing. Don’t you think it’s time to change your net climber producer?

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Rope Access Training

Cemer team attended to the rope access training who will responsible for the setting up process. / Rope access training